Enfirmiere Healthcare Services LLC is a privately-owned, Ohio-based healthcare training agency that specializes in delivering cost-effective, innovative, and high standard healthcare services.

group of medical personnel We offer training programs ranging from one-on-one patient consultations, CPR training, health coaching, and more. We primarily train adult students aged 18 years old and above.

The owner brings over 30 years of experience in quality management, case management, program management, undergraduate teaching, and providing patient care to infants and adults in the community and hospital settings. Numerous changes have taken place over the past 30 years which have left gaps in service as organizations try to improve what they do. As a result of those changes, gaps in service exist and result in unmet needs. This is why Enfirmiere Healthcare Services LLC was established back in 2015.

Our Mission
It is our mission to make quality healthcare services and training programs accessible to all members of the community. With our expertise and dedication to service, we strive to offer meaningful, personalized attention to meet our clients’ needs.

Our Vision
Our vision is to foster a community where all of its members have access high-quality, cost-effective, and personalized healthcare services and training programs so that they can live an optimal quality of life. It is also our vision to become the leading healthcare expert and trainer in the communities that we serve.

Our Core Values
Enfirmiere Healthcare Services LLC operates while observing our core values of Truthfulness, Honesty, and Respect.

Learn More
To gain more information about our agency, you can reach us at 513-646-7443.